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tv   Action News  ABC  July 1, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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from fading there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients to help keep dark clothes vibrant for over 30 washes. for the love of darks. woolite darks. this is what it looked like and sounded like two and a half hours ago as hail
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pounded city avenue in philadelphia. a cell, settled right over the border between the city and bala cynwyd. a time lapse from sky six, shows one of the cells, moving through center city weather in the extreme. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is another tuesday night of destructive storms race ago cross the tri-state area and once again they caused serious damage. this is video from chester county, specifically from west goshen and honey brook. the government will to have decide if communities and suburban philadelphia suffered rotational wind or not but whatever they were they damaged homes, and brought down trees and power lines. the meteorologist cecily tynan has latest facts and figure from accu weather and sharrie williams has extraordinary images sent to us by you, our viewers but lets start with lehigh valley correspondent walter perez in coplay bureau.
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it looks like that area got the worst of it tonight. >> reporter: it sure seems that way, jim. sometimes pictures tell better story then i ever could. you could see this big tree toppled over this tree toppling in this direction and in of the trees toppling in on the opposite with a root ball tearing up the sidewalk and part of the roof in the back yard. two houses over and there is no damaging whatsoever. regardless you talk to people around here and they will tell you this was one wick storm. >> i never experienced anything like that before. never ever. >> reporter: bill meyer of white hl wnships talking about the fast moving storm, that arrived, packing powerful wind, hail rain, and, according to a lot of people we spoke with a funnel cloud. all with combined to create quite a mess. >> the roof, was peeled right back. my siding is dented up. my screens, have have holes tonight. my shed back here has holes in it from it. i got quite a bit of damage here. >> reporter: myers neighbor
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jenny dannker says when sky went dark and funnel cloud form she and her family ducked for cover. >> we went down in the basement and heard a lot of crashing and it was patio roof coming down. >> reporter: local handy man sandy car was doing some repair work at colonial kennels when the storm hit. he jumped in his truck just as five giant trs toppled, including one that clipped the utility pole with a transformer attached. >> and i was it nothing there and transformer right over here flew down and splashed in the ground and it started arcing, sparking and ground caught on fire over here. >> reporter: fortunately sandy a's truck never came in contact with those live wires. over in the boro of coplay it is more of the same. linda who lived on willow street says it was the most frightening thing she has ever seen. >> you could see the swirl, and the funnel and inside the house you could feel the pressure, you know, you know pressure like were you confine. it was pressure type thing inside the house. >> reporter: when it was over
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two massive trees toppled in crisscross fashion and part of the roof was in the backyard. >> it is just crazy, mad crazy. >> reporter: now officials from the national weather service are expect here tomorrow to determine if this was work of the tornado or straight line wind. also p pl still reporting 2000 people without power, the silver lining through all this is no another just injuries are being reported across this region. reporting live from coplay walter perez, for channel six "action news". let's switch live to meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest from double scan radar. cecily, are we done or are there still cells out there tonight. >> jim, we're not completely done yet. most severe weather rolled through this afternoon between two and 3:00 o'clock when we had tornado warnings. we are not looking at something that strong but double scan live showing there is a line of storms ahead of the cold front that will be rolling through in the overnight hours. don't be surprised if you air wakened by rumble of thunder. we have one pretty intense
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storm cell role through philadelphia about a half an hour ago. thinks moving up to the north and east. actually that is not the right mode. you can see we have very heavy rain, also cloud to cloud lightening strike a associated with this. again not severe but it is dropping rain in a short period of time and it is cause ago this lightening. storm reports though national weather service will be heading to chester county to investigate the possibility of a tornado here near morgan town. i actually have video of. that i will show thaw during my full weather. we can see a funnel cloud beginning to form. 64 miles an hour win gusts reported in west chester. we have had flash flooding near montgomery county and delaware county and quarter sized hail reported in philadelphia, lehigh county northampton county hit very hard. funnel cloud reported in fogels villain one near a shopping center. hail the size of golf balls. 61 miles an hour win gusts a
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at lehigh valley international airport and a lot of homes damage and trees down. we will talk about the storms overnight and show thaw video and finally talk about, quieter weather tomorrow in the full accu weather forecast, jim. >> thanks cecily. the storm caused damage to a home in folsom. a man tells "action news" that he saw brash of blue when lightening strike a home in the 1700 block of orchard avenue, you can see the damage that it caused to the chimney and knocks the bricks to the ground. fortunately nobody was injured. but the roof did sustained a lot of damage. we have been asking you to join the action by sending us pictures and videos of weather in your neighborhood and you have taken up the call. let's go to "action news" reporter sharrie williams at the big board, sharrie. >> reporter: yeah jim, our viewers do a great job jumping into help tell the story. jenny from wissohickon sent thus incredible picture of hail. this is really a great photo. we had a viewer send this picture from downingtown
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showing flash flooding and what drivers were dealing with as the rain was coming down catching them off guard. here's more video and pictures sent in by you, the viewer. in allentown a view from atop the city sent in from "action news" viewer mark he captured this photo, the sky line sticking out while a blanket of white and dark clouds were building in the background. >> you have to see this. >> reporter: east goshen township chester county "action news" viewer ben captured this video of the cloud rotating. he quickly decided it was time to take shelter. >> do you see that? okay, let's get inside. >> reporter: in fork township in the one but a row of power lines brought down and tossed on their side this photo sent in from by megan n west nanmeal a peaceful country side backdrop with the frightening funnel cloud dipping from the sky. in catasauqua carol sillboy grabbed her in mobile device and captured heavy rain beating the trees and also her window. grace, captured this photo in
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west chester over market street showing darkness in the sky complete with the funnel cloud. for those driving rob sparks captured this picture on route 476 a portion of the sky literally turn black. also on the roads, this driver heather daniels sent this into "action news". she was in met with ominous cloud while driving in west deptford, new jersey. hail was the story for viewer brian braidinner northampton county. >> it is hailing. >> reporter: it was also hail that got a young group of kid excited in easton and so megan is sharing this video. we have had a lot of great video and pictures. here's another video from prospect park high waters and flooding got these drivers stuck here underneath the bridge. in bala cynwyd tonight codey sent this in grabbing his cell phone and catching this video watching on the back deck as a umbrella goes up and away with the rain and wind. as we listened to cecily jim
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viewers may have a chance to send in more videos and pictures overnight and we thank them for joining the action. >> absolutely. you can share your photos and video with us by e-mailing them to join the action at six or by using the hash tag six abc action when posting, to social media, and we appreciate your participation. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a team of bank bandits who held up a td branch in chestnut hill on the 8600 block of germantown avenue tonight. at least one of the five suspects was arm with the gun. they were all in disguisees who had ease, sunglasses and hats and they got away with $7000 in cash. fortunately no shots were fired and nobody was hurt. a hazardous materials incident injured a resident tonight in newark delaware. three fire fighters also needed to be check out for possible exposure to some sort of fuse. authorities say woman in her 20's fell hill at hunter crossing apartments on the
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unit block of fair way road at 5:00 o'clock and it has not been determined what caused the leak. the building was evacuated and ventilated. a somber gathering tonight in the glummy weather. to mourn the eight five-year old woman murdered yesterday inside of her east mt. airy home. loved ones and strange's like held a candle light vigil for regina brunner. her car had been stolen from the murder scene but police found it abandoned on the 3100 block of north stillman street in north philadelphia detectives had not identified a suspect. the new jersey governor chris christie has joined the crowded field of presidential candidates. christie arrived in new hampshire tonight to begin campaigning for the first primary. this was the scene late this morning in livingston, new jersey as christie played up his tough talking style. >> i am not running for president of the united states, as a surrogate for being elect prom king of
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america. i'm not looking to be the most popular guy who looks in your eyes every day and tries to figure out what you want to hear, say it, and then turnaround and do something else. when i stand up on a stage like this in front of all of you there is one thing you will know for sure i mean what i say and i say what i mean, and that is what america need right now. >> christie begins his campaign with record low poll numbers at home and poor favor built numbers across the country. christie enters a crowded field for republican nomination with 14 candidates now declared and likely even more competition, yet to come. on the democratic side the field is much smaller. lincoln chafee hillary clinton martin o'malley and bernie sanders are vying for the democratic nomination. the papal visit to philadelphia includes eight scheduled events during the pontiff's two days here. all of these details were disclosed by the vatican
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today. pope francis will arrive saturday morning september 25th. he helped straight to the cathedral basilica to celebrate mass for 1600 faithful selected from local parishes. then in the afternoon the pope will visit independent mall before attending the festival of families on the ben franklin parkway. >> he wants to be with people and i think the vatican, frankly rightly figure out if you want to be with people and you want to be in a place that knows logistic and can move the pope around you want to be in philadelphia. >> this is a pastoral visit to philadelphia. there is more interaction with people a lieutenant more eventhe thehe will attend in washington d.c. and new york city. >> on sunday pope francis will meet with bishops at saint charles seminary which will sore as his rest tense for his stay here. he will visit inmates at curran fromhold correctional facility but that will not be a public event. at 4:00 that afternoon the pope will celebrate mass to conclude world meeting of
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families, again on ben franklin parkway and then he will depart for rome that evening. we invite to you follow our dedicated six abc pope account on twitter. we will post the latest news tips, pictures all having to do with the pope's visit to philadelphia. the pope will stop in cuba on his way to the you had, and he is throughout to have helped bring u.s. and cuban officials together to negotiate a historic thaw in relations. now president obama will announce tomorrow that the two countries have finalized an agreement to reopen embassiness each others capitol. u.s. cut off diplomatic relations with cuba in 1961. we have developing news from harrisburg late tonight, governor tom wolf says he will veto legislature's entire budget that would be the first full budget veto in pennsylvania in more than 40 years. wolf says $30.2 billion spending plan that the republicans sent to him today is packed with gimmicks and
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the math just doesn't work he says. pennsylvania's fiscal year ends at midnight. a new school is coming to langhorne, bucks county. they broke ground tonight on the towanca elementary school. enormous new facility will consolidate 810 students from across the country. another elementary schools closed for the fall of 2016. still to come on "action news" tonight the hollywood couple that is calling it quits, one day after their tenth anniversary. plus the latest on the military plane that crashed in a residential neighborhood and effort to find survivor. also, a celestial planes, nasa released some extraordinary video of the solar flare, cecily. i'm tracking more strong thunderstorms overnight i'll details what this means for your morning commute and when our weather settles down, with the full accu weather forecast. pluour south jersey native on fire at woman's world cup ducis rodgers has
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highlights from tonight's u.s.a. game against germany when "action news" cont [airplane sounds] announcer: visit for information on how to provide
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the death toll has climbed to more than 70 people in the indonesia city of midann. in indonesia an air force transport plane crashed shortly after take off and struck a building. the plane was carrying air force personnel and their families, and air force officials say there were really more than a hundred people on the c130 and there is little hope of fining any survivors. tonight, we are learning how two quick murderers escaped from a new york state prison. david sweat told authorities today that the two started digging through the walls of their cells in january. sweat and richard matt even did a dry run the night before the escape and that the investigation in the escape goes on, 12 employees of the clinton correctional facility have been placed on
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administrative leave. after a decade together one of the hollywood's most famous couples is calling it quits. today ben afflict and jennifer garner confirmed that they are getting a divorce. it comes just one day after their ten year anniversary, in a joint statement the two said they are committed to co parenting their three children. well, clock is ticking and tonight, it was longer than any other day of the year. leap second was added just before 8:00 o'clock tonight. blink, and you you missed it. world's official timekeepers need to do this every few years now, to compensate for the earth's slightly slower rotation and keep computers, synchronized. the last leap second was in 2012. and from space, nasa released this stunning video today of an enormous solar flare. cloud of solar material ejected out of the sun on june 18th, in an arcing shape, this is a solar flare on the
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surface of the sun, and it is amazing how we can take those kind of of pictures now and peer into our galaxy. >> very impressive. we have had impressive photos and videos from the sun. impressive ones here at home. a "action news" viewer taking a lot of video today. >> we actually got that picture, join the action didn't want to tell you that didn't think it would be that requested but it is true. >> way to go, "action news" viewers. i want to show you a impressive video as well. this was taken from joel your vine in morgan town berks county around 2:20 looking toward the border of lancaster and chester county. it looks to be a funnel cloud, trying to form but the national weather service will be sending a survey team out there tomorrow to see if that funnel cloud if did in fact touch ground f it touched ground it is a tornado and causes damage. they will survey that scene tomorrow.
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so thanks for joel for capturing that video. we definitely want to stress you have to be safe when you take pictures and videos. you can see that is from a very safe distance. storm tracker six double scan showing we are getting a lull in the action. but there is another round of thunderstorms working west of harrisburg that will be going through in the overnight hours. we had wind, we had hail and we had very impressive rainfall totals the heaviest between delaware county and philadelphia, really right along i-95. we had flood ago long i-95 as much as 2 inches of rain falling in a very short period of time. so the flooding risk is still there. a flood advisory has been posted for this area into south jersey until 12:15 in the morning. we are expecting another round of rain the ground is saturated, and will not take much more to cause localized flooding. right now warm humid. seventy-five in philadelphia down from the high of 86. allentown 75.
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trenton 72. millville 75. sea isle city 73. will mink ton 76. satellite six with action radar showing that the storms have really lost their intensity, and the strongest ones this afternoon, part of the reason why, that it is build up of heat and humidity in the afternoon. once the sunsets you lose that spark, but that line of storms will be moving through in the overnight hours. i don't expect it to be severe but it could be strong with rumbles of thunder around 3:00 in the morning. as we head toward your morning commute still left over clouds a couple of spotty showers possible nothing severe and then in the afternoon we're looking at a good amount of sunshine. can't rule out possibility of pop up shower or thunderstorm mainly across the lehigh valley and poconos but tomorrow will be a lot more quieter then today. down the shore tomorrow once again a moderate risk of rip currents, listen to your life guard don't go swimming where they are not on duty. we have sun and cloud with the
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spotty thunderstorm and high of 82 degrees. exclusive seven day forecast early shower possible tomorrow, sunshine by the afternoon. 87 degrees. on thursday spotty afternoon thunderstorms, 84. friday is looking nice partly sunny 84 degrees. the fourth of july i cannot completely rule out possibility of thunderstorm, i think we will be mainly dry though 86. sunday 88. monday 89. and then tuesday a week ahead looks like we could have a quiet tuesday finally and mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 89 degrees. and, we will be on top of the national weather service and let our viewers know if any tornadoes did in fact touchdown good absolutely. tonight dozens of people will pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the holocaust. southampton free library hosted living history presentation tonight. people were able to hear real life stories of loss and serve survivor from the holocaust survivor and world war two veteran.
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it was sponsored by young fineberg post number 697 of the jewish war veterans of the united states.
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three two-year old ballerina misty copeland has made history. here is the moment she was named principal dancer at the american ballet theater, becoming first african-american women ever to achieve that status in the company's 75 years. she's already a pop culture phenom endorsement contracts, a television show and music video appearances. she was named within of the time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.
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phillies/brewers, in progress, and rain soaked citizens bank park. >> it is a tight one right now, jim but phillies on the wrong side of the score, four losses in their last five games. phillies are closing out june with the thud facing the brewers. hour an19 minute delay to start, would have been hour and 80 minutes had fanatic got his act together. game tied carlos ruiz if you can believe it, his first home run of the season. breaks the tie three -two. brewers get the run back in the eighth. ramirez with his third rbi of the night. game tied at three. giles makes a mess of the inning. later he walked adam lynn to force in the run. right now phillies trail four-three in the ninth. get used to seeing pete mackanin, before the game phillies announced mackanin will manage remainder on have the season to take over for ryne sandberg on friday. >> i was first interim, interim and new i'm the interim. it is a good feeling, you
2:05 am
know, i'm happy i know what my fate is until the end of the season. i'm looking forward to do some good work. >> we felt like pete was the right demeanor and right person and we felt comfortable with him. he a has done it before. he a has had success in that area. >> let's kick it to reach the finals of the women's world cup u.s. would have to climb mountain. we're talking about beating the best planet in the germany? how do u see piece of cake in german. no score, delran new jersey native karlie lloyd converts the pk, one to nothing. lloyd is not done yet. same count in the eighty-fourth minute. her nice pass sets up kelly o'hare for goal. u.s. win two to nothing to advance to sunday's final. americans will face japan, or england. still ahead, flyers plan to honor several players from their past plus connor barwin is
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the odds of him winning both the daytona 500 and the brickyard 400 in the same year? 1 in 195 million. the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i'm jamie mcmurray, and my niece has autism. learn more at eagles training camp gets underway august 2nd connor barwin's training camp got under way today. eagles linebacker was in phoenixville to hundred a camp for kid for aids first through eighth. barwin told the youngsters to try to improve each day at whatever they choose to do, as for eagles, they had a few mini camps and barwin already sees improvement. >> who knows how good we can be. i will stick with the same language and say that the idea is to be better than we were last year and continue to improve. i will say it was the best off
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season i have ever been part of. that was my sixth off season i have done with the professional team. >> the flyers resigned ryan white to the one-year contract extension. also te announced two new members will be induct in the flyers hall of fame. jimmy watson was a defenseman in the 70's and rod brink a more is going in as well. ed snyder says both men played with a lot of intelligence grit, and determination. ceremony for brind'amour will be monday november 23rd when flyers host carolina. kimmo timonen will be honored with a retirement ceremony october 14th when chicago comes to town. he is fresh off a stanley cup win with the flyers. thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on chapel six. followed by night line. jimmy's guest kathy griffin and music from everclear. do you like that. >> yes. >> him or her. >> it is a group. >> i didn't know. that all right, okay. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward matt
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o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. now for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪♪


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